Stayput companion care
Why we play...

Some benefits to having a STAYPUT partner...

  • Reduced anxiety associated with ageing at home
  • Regain independence and build self confidence
  • Relief and support for your family or caregiver
  • Continue ageing at home with confidence
  • Put off relocating into a long term care facility
  • Improvement in overall life satisfaction, personal motivation and social networks 
  • Learn coping skills to better manage diagnosis, illness or condition
  • Improve strength and balance for falls prevention
  • Learn new skills and enjoy new interests
  • Memory retention and access to memories
  • Slow down cognitive decline
  • Improved communication between you and your family
  • Encourage memory enhanced environments
  • Enjoy more happy moments with your loved one
  • Leisure education and information to enjoy your favourite activities in new and adapted ways
  • Motivated engagement in physical, intellectual, emotional and social activities

Therapeutic Recreation is a health-related profession with a working knowledge of leisure and recreation as it relates to achieving optimal health and the highest possible quality of life.  

At STAYPUT we are dedicated to helping you overcome the barriers that stand between you and the activities that you enjoy.  We believe that through "play" we can improve physical, intellectual, emotional and social skills enabling you to engage in a healthy and rewarding leisure lifestyle while aging at home. Getting back to your favourite leisure activities you will be better able to cope with your diagnosis and together we will find moments of joy for you and you caregivers.

When we learn with pleasure, we never forget. -  Alfred Mercier

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