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Companion Services

As purposeful recreation and leisure professionals we don't just clean your house or fix you a meal.  We take the time to help you do it.  The old adage truly applies here - Use it or lose it!  As we age it's even more important to keep doing for ourselves in order to remain independent, confident and vital members of our families and our communities.  Having someone do these little day to day tasks for us is what robs many of us of our independence and confidence as well as our physical and mental health.  Having a bit of help or just a companion that can sing the high parts can make a huge difference in how long you can confidently age at home and when you will need to move on to a care facility. 

Some of the companion services we offer:

  • Socializing and companionship
  • Reminders for medication and appointments
  • Assist with entertaining and outings
  • Weekly grocery lists, shopping and other errands
  • Reading daily newspaper, religious material or novels
  • Maintaining family scrapbooks and photos
  • Attend club meetings, sporting events, religious services
  • Participating in games and cards and enjoying crafts
  • Accompany to lunch or dinner out
  • Assist with pet care and walking
  • Personal tasks
  • Weekly garbage disposal, recycling and mail
  • Light meals and housekeeping
  • House plant care
  • Gardening including help with spring clean-up and summer maintenence

STAYPUT is completely dedicated to helping you overcome the physical, intellectual, emotional and social barriers that hold you back from engaging in a healthy and rewarding leisure lifestyle.  We understand that to remain in our homes as we age we may need help, that's where STAYPUT companions can assist.  

If you or someone you love is living with Alzheimer disease, Dementia or other age related illness or condition which may include Parkinson's disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Stroke recovery or Depression resulting from isolation STAYPUT companions can help.

Therapeutic Services

Purposeful recreation and leisure activities are specific to each and every client depending on your leisure interests, goals and physical, intellectual, emotional and social conditions.  Depending on your diagnosis we will suggest activities that will deliver the biggest benefit to you today.  Our goal is to help you retain current physical and cognitive functioning, relearn skills and remain in your home enjoying a healthy leisure lifestyle for as long as possible. 

As we age we're often faced with challenges and barriers that we may know nothing about.  That's where STAYPUT companions can help!  We understand that declining cognitive function, limited mobility, embarrassment or social stigmas are all new barriers that may be overcome with specific recreation and leisure activities.  Your STAYPUT companion will ensure you stay focused on your own leisure goals and get back to your optimum leisure lifestyle.

When you contact us we will meet with you and your family to discuss your recreational needs and leisure interests and then design a productive leisure plan that will meet those needs and overcome the barriers preventing you from participating in your healthy leisure lifestyle. 

Some of the therapeutic services we offer include:

  • Intake assessment and familiarization with client and family
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Monthly progress reports and updates
  • Client specific programming
  • Program planning in traditional handcraft, pottery, weaving, paper making, mixed media, painting and craft
  • Physical activities including walking, stretching, seated yoga, and tai chi for seniors
  • Development of new skills and interests
  • Introduction to adaptive activities
  • Recreation, leisure and healthy living education 
  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Intellectual engagement, mental aerobics
  • Social involvement
  • Memory retention activities
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