Stayput companion care

Programs and Workshops

Helping seniors enjoy a healthy and rewarding leisure lifestyle
Staying active is one of the best defences against many diseases associated with ageing and ill health.
A Stayput companion will help you retain current physical and cognitive functioning, relearn lost skills and overcome the barriers that stand between you and your healthy leisure lifestyle.  We will work with your care professionals to offer personalized leisure programming that will deliver the biggest benefit to you today.

Activities to improve balance, strength and overall fitness.
Stimulation to improve or maintain intellectual functioning, reduce memory loss and cognitive decline.
To find happiness and contentment.
 To stay connected to family, friends and community.
Winter sessions are starting soon!
Through the blowing and blustery days of winter we need movement, fun bright colours and lots of time to get together with friends for warm drinks and comfy snacks. So, here are some of the projects we'll be bringing to Stayput client. Remember that most of our work is done 1on1 or in small groups to ensure success for each and every client.

Winter Workouts
Physical activity is a must in the winter months.  We have a seated Tai Chi session starting that will show you how to move gently to improve balance, strength and agility. At Stayput we can bring activity to you or you to your activity. Call to book your spot with our Tai Chi group, our walking group or contact us to discuss your winter fitness goals.
Mimic the Masters
This month we're featuring the work of Andy Warhol.  A pop culture icon Warhol is going to put a punch of colour into our winter art.  Each week we'll produce a piece in the Warhol style using both brush work and digital techniques.  See our Facebook page for session samples of this work.  
Paint the Sound
Painting to music just sounds like a ball of fun and something we might actually have to stretch for doesn't it?

Together we'll paint colours, lines and shapes to portray the mood and groove of the music we hear.
We'll choose music that fits our mood that day or something that will get us up and movin'

Casual Culture
Our Casual Culture program will include events at a local art gallery, an art film or show opening at the theatre.  These are social gatherings that will be scheduled just for you with your goals and interests in mind. We provide person centered activities so it's all about you.

Remember, that every client is unique and requires a personalized leisure plan.  
This is just a sample of what is available so if you don't see what interests you here
be sure to contact Stayput companion care to set up an appointment to discuss your own leisure needs.  
Together we will develop an activity calender that will help get you back to
a healthy and rewarding leisure lifestyle.

Fall workshops and creative expression projects
The following is a quick look at some of the projects and programs we are offering this fall through STAYPUT companion care.  Remember that most of our work is done 1on1 or in small groups to ensure success for each and every client.

Colour Catastrophe
Colour Catastrophe could include a walk in the garden or a hike on the trails with our cameras to visually document the colours of the season. We then head into the studio to reproduce those colours in the medium of choice.  This could mean watercolour, acrylic, tissue paper or ink - whatever strike our creative fancy that day. 
Paper Making 
Our paper making program is fun, tactile, creative and a bit messy.  Again we can gear it to fit all levels of physical and cognitive functioning.  We could include a short hike to gather items to use in our paper or seeds to made tape to use in the spring.
Mimic the Masters
Our interpritation of "Composion in red, blue and yellow" by Piet Mondrian.
Mimic the Masters can be geared to most skill levels and cognitive functioning.  It can include a bit of art history, samples of their work, a critique of their techniques and finally we try our hand at mimicking their style. Artists include Emily Carr, Gustav Klimt, Piet Mondrian or Pablo Piccaso.  
Hand weaving is great for small motor functioning and a good brain teaser.  Clients may make small pieces like mug mats, book marks or dish clothes.
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